Who i am?

About ME

Do what you like, like what you do
 Working like a boss
 Old ways won’t open new doors

Sagar is an independent man for whom the word freedom is sacred. He is a seducer – a lover of life and pleasure. He has itchy feet and if circumstances are favourable, he can often be found between flights or train journeys. He has a great need for adventure, for which he is well-equipped with swift reactions, curiosity and tremendous adaptability. His finer qualities include: dynamism, a sense of initiative, sociability, an easy-going manner and a shrewd mind. He is a very likeable character, probably due to his passionate and enthusiastic nature. His shortcomings are: instability, fickleness, thoughtlessness, voraciousness, carelessness and even a certain amount of licentiousness; he enjoys taking risks and can appear somewhat shallow. However he is actually a sensitive soul whose intuitive abilities are finely tuned; which combined with his other qualities means that those around him generally perceived him as being a pleasant sort of chap. He isn´t cut out for living alone because he cannot tolerate.

My Experiences

I have been involving in Information and technology from past 5 years specially in web development and design

i have knowledge of various language like php,python,c,c++

in design i have knowledge of html,css,javascript,jquery and wordpress design

i am recenty working in Hub It Private limited as a python and web design instructor

from past years i am also involving in it companies and it instutute in kathmandu

My Core Values

My thought is to give knowledge about what i am in to give knowledge to it related subject to new intrested students 

my skill

Web Design87%
SEO Services76%
Django Framework83%
Microsoft Office81%