Top Five Player of All time in Real Madrid Football History

5] Zinedine Zidane

Zidane is one of the best midfielder in his era and also one of the most intelligent midfielder for broking defender wall also everyone knows that he is very good at motivating player and also he handels real madrid coach job also from last many season and he gives more in his manager life also

4]Ferenc Puskas

puskas is the player who scored 156 goals for real madrid in spanish league title for helping many games in that period for real madrid which is amazing makes puskas one of the greatest all time

3] Paco Gento

paco gento is player who spent all of time in real madrid for the club his loyal ness shows his talent and love for the club in history he almost spent 18 years in real madrid

2] Cristiano Ronaldo

cristiano ronaldo spent 9 season for real madrid and also a highest scorer for the real madrid club and aslo he helps to lift champians league trophy for the four time in history he scored 450 goals for the club and he is the most popular guy in club history five time ballon dor winner is express more himself in real madrid

1] Alfredo Di Stefano

Di stefano is most popular guy in real madrid side in 50s and 60s period and also a fastest scorer for real madrid in 56s t0 60s period and also he helps in european cup for five consecutive season for the club and he makes the club most all time player of real madrid

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